V2 Cigs Disposables

V2 Cigs disposables are ideal as a trial product, backup battery, and travel companion

At only $5.99 each, V2 disposables can produce the same amount of puffs as two packs of cigarettes. That’s way cheaper than the $35 you’ll be paying for an ecig starter kit. If you are simply trying V2 Cigs out of curiosity, then disposable ecigs are the most practical way to do it.

Unlike rechargeable ecigs, V2 Cigs disposables offer that instant gratification that you crave for. They are sold at gas stations, truck stops, convenient stores, and tobacco retail outlets. Whenever you feel like smoking, just pick up a pack and use the ecig like you would a regular cigarette.

The V2 disposable is also ideal as a backup battery. Mini ecigs do not have LCD screens that display the remaining power. And although you can approximate the number of hours your battery charge will last, you really have no way of knowing when power will run low. Worse, you might only realize that you left your charger at home when the glowing tip of your battery flashes. With a disposable ecig on hand, you have plenty of time to get to a power source and wait for your battery to fully recharge.

V2 disposable ecigs are the perfect travel companion. Keep a few sticks in your car or luggage and they’re ready to use any time you crave for a smoke. No need to bring all your batteries, cartomizers, and accessories with you.

V2 Disposables are the best way to get your friends and family to try out electronic cigarettes. If your goal is to spread the word about electronic cigarettes, then V2 Cigs Disposables is definitely the way to go.

V2 Cigs single-use electronic cigarettes offer the same amazing flavor and vapor as their refillable counterparts in a convenient and low-cost package.

Disposable e-cigarettes offer the same advantages as e-cigs that run on rechargeable batteries. No tar, no ash, no lingering odor, no cigarette butts, no fire hazard, and no secondhand smoke. You can use them virtually anywhere – inside the car, at the office, at bus terminals, and open spaces where smoking is usually prohibited.

While disposables are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, they are more expensive when used as a replacement for refillable ecigs. Disposable e-cigarettes are not recommended for habitual use because you won’t be able to enjoy the massive cost savings that electronic cigarettes can provide.

Last summer, V2 Cigs teamed up with National Tobacco Company (NTC) to launch a special line of Zig-Zag® disposable electronic cigarettes for NTC’s more than 50,000 retail locations in the US.

If you are not yet ready to commit to a full kit, get a V2 Cigs or Zig-Zag disposable. The V2 Disposable outperforms its retail competitors in both battery life and vapor production. Available in Red and Menthol flavors, this single-use ecig comes in 1.8% nicotine strength and produces around 400 puffs (equal to two packs of cigarettes).

Zig-Zag® Disposables carry the distinct look and flavors of the Zig-Zag brand. There are two models available – 200P and 400P.

You can pull around 200 puffs off the Zig-Zag 200P and 400 puffs from the Zig-Zag 400P. Both ecigs are available in Traditional and Menthol flavors, in 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine strengths.

Looking for gift ideas for your friends and loved ones? Save more money by purchasing V2 Cigs or Zig-Zag disposables in packs of five or ten. For only $30 you can get five V2 or Zig-Zag 200P disposables. Ten-packs are retailing for $55. Zig-Zag 400P ecigs cost $35 (5-pack) and $65 (10-pack) before coupons.

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