V2 Cigs Batteries

V2 Cigs has some of the best ecig batteries in the industry. And it offers plenty of customization options so users can choose the color, length and style that fit their lifestyle.

V2 Cigs batteries are very easy to use. Simply attach a fresh cartomizer and inhale from the tip of the filter just like you would with a normal cigarette. No need to draw hard to get the e-juice flowing. Each pull is clean and smooth with no crackling noise or leaking liquid. V2 batteries can produce massive clouds of vapor even on small hits.

The first electronic cigarette models that came out were long and heavy. It felt awkward holding them between the fingers. With V2 ecigs, you can enjoy the same satisfying flavors and blow thick rings of smoke from a device that looks and feels exactly like a real cigarette – minus the tar, carbon monoxide, lingering odor, teeth stains, and cigarette butts.

Older ecigs also required frequent charging. With new and improved technology, V2 batteries can now last up to five hours for heavy smokers and up to a week for light smokers. Charging is faster too – the new Smart Charger can fully charge a V2 battery in one to two hours.

V2 Cigs batteries run on a powerful lithium-ion cell with a LED crystal tip that glows each time you take a puff.

You can choose from three sizes, four colors, and two switch types.

A little longer than a traditional cigarette, the Shorty battery measures 2.63 inches in length and has a 150mAh rating. It can produce 160 to 200 puffs per charge – perfect for social smokers.

Designed to last 200 to 300 puffs per charge, the Standard battery is the perfect balance between weight, length, and performance. It has a rating of 250mAh and measures 4.3 inches with a cartridge attached.

With a 380mAh rating, the Long battery can deliver a whopping 300 to 450 puffs on a single charge. It measures 4.4 inches in length and extend to 5.5 inches with a cartridge screwed in (a full inch longer than a 100’s cigarette).

V2 batteries come in four distinct colors: white body with red glow, black body with red or blue glow, chrome body with blue glow, and metallic blue body with white glow.

V2 Cigs offers automatic and manual battery models. Automatic batteries activate upon inhale – great for smokers who want a fluid and convenient experience. With manual batteries, you have to press a small button on the side of the ecig to turn it on. Veteran vapers prefer manual batteries because they offer a greater level of control and precision when it comes to vapor volume.

As a battery’s power diminishes, you will notice a reduction in vapor volume. It is always recommended to have a spare on hand and to charge your batteries nightly.

  • The V2 Cigs Beginners Kit includes one standard automatic battery.
  • The V2 Cigs Standard Kit offers two batteries – in your choice of color, switch, and length.
  • The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit includes three batteries in your choice of color, length, and switch type.
  • Each V2 Cigs battery comes with a lifetime warranty that is limited to a maximum of five replacements on any given order.

If you are traveling and you don’t want to bring your chargers with you, one great option is to pick up a few disposable ecigs and stash them in your luggage or glove compartment before a trip.

V2 Cigs offers two types of single-use electronic cigarettes – V2 Disposables and Zig-Zag® Disposables. These ecigs are shipped with a pre-charged battery and a pre-filled cartridge in tobacco and menthol flavors. Each disposable ecig lasts around 200 to 400 puffs. Use them until the vapor thins out and the flavor weakens, and then throw them away.

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